Weston, FL Doctors & Healthcare Services

One of the best reasons to visit Soffer Health Institute is the convenient healthcare services you’ll find close to home, right here in Weston, FL. Another great benefit you’ll enjoy at Soffer Health is the full suite of services we offer; from sclerotherapy treatments to pro-active primary care, cardiology, medically supervised weight loss, and much more! You and your entire family will love our personalized treatment programs. Let’s review some of the services offered at our Weston location, starting with vein treatments.

Sclerotherapy Treatments

Thankfully Soffer Health Institute offers a convenient Weston, FL location where you can receive treatment for your vein issues. If you’re getting ready for summer (or anytime when you’ll want to spend time outside) you’ll want to look your best. Or you may be suffering from painful vein problems, and need help. We recommend sclerotherapy if you have trouble with veins, and our sclerotherapy treatments can quickly get you on your feet, enjoying life.

No need to go to a hospital for sclerotherapy. Our vein treatments are conveniently performed in our Weston physician’s office. After each treatment recovery time is minimal. The pain is much like an insect bite. Here is what you can expect: the doctor injects a solution into the varicose or spider veins with a very fine needle. You’ll wear compression stockings for a few days and do some walking to help your body heal. Spider veins and varicose veins fade fast and you’ll be amazed at the transformation!

Proactive Healthcare Services

Your Soffer Health primary care physician works with you to ensure mind and body health. While various treatments are offered, you’ll also benefit from your physician’s focus on preventive medicine, including physical exams, wellness visits, flu shots, PAP smears, memory testing, labs, and more. Our approach is to work with you on personalized health goals and spend more time with you than you’ll often receive at other doctors’ offices.

Your entire family will have access to quality care close to home at Soffer Health’s Weston location. Soffer Health is pleased to serve Weston residents and help them get back to their lives quickly. Our suite of health services allows many of our patients to get the treatment or enroll in the health program that they need, right here in our office, without the need for hospital stays or other driving out of town.

Being active is part of good health. We encourage you and your family to enjoy the convenience of our Weston office, which is located near all the enjoyable outdoor venues. One of these is Tequesta Trace Park, one of the top family-friendly Weston parks. It’s great for walking and running on the track, plus it offers soccer, football, lacrosse and baseball fields. One of the most inviting aspects of the park is that it’s dog-friendly. So you and your family can bring your dog along for an active day outside.

Personalized Weston Healthcare

Personalized attention from your Soffer Health physician in Weston makes all the difference when getting allergy treatments, vein treatments, senior healthcare, weight management services or cardiology care. We’re never too busy to spend quality time with you. At Soffer Health in Weston you’ll benefit from our quality care and technologically advanced treatment services. Visit us at 1604 Town Center Cir A, Weston, FL 33326 or call 305-792-