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Soffer Heart is a Cardiology practice focused on Prevention. We use cutting edge technologies while treating all of our patients like family. Dr. Soffer is honored to have been named "Top Cardiologist" in the Guide to America’s Top Cardiologists.


Soffer Vein specializes in the most advanced, least invasive vein treatments. Free yourself of painful embarrassing varicose and spider veins. You don’t have to live with painful or unsightly veins anymore!

Primary Care

At the Soffer Health-Primary Care Division our physicians and physician extenders have undergone rigorous training and credentialing so as to assure our patients that they will get the highest quality, compassionate care that Soffer Health is recognized for.


The Soffer Weight Loss Program offers you a wide range of weight loss programs tailored to fit any lifestyle. Our specially designed weight loss and nutrition systems have been specifically created by our physicians help you start losing weight and living healthy right away.


Soffer Allergy offers A Comprehensive State of the Art diagnostic and treatment center for ALLERGY and related environmental illnesses. we are dedicated to providing you and your family with optimal, outcome-focused and cost-effective care.


Soffer Research proudly boasts professional and personal integrity in every aspect of our services. We have made it our business to bring cutting edge medicine to the people of our community through the advances of pharmaceutical research.

soffer health press

Soffer Health Press

Dr. Oz interviews Dr. Soffer::Dr. Oz interviews Dr. Soffer
Dr. Oz interviews Dr. Soffer
Inverview: Debbie Wasserman Schultz ::Inverview: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Inverview: Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Diet & Exercise Slow Brain Disease::Diet & Exercise Slow Brain Disease
Diet & Exercise Slow Brain Disease
Coolsculpting Fat Freezing::Coolsculpting Fat Freezing
Coolsculpting Fat Freezing
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Facial Fat Transfer
Screening Detects Heart Defects::Screening Detects Heart Defects
Screening Detects Heart Defects
EKG iPhone App::EKG iPhone App
EKG iPhone App
Dr. Oz & Dr. Soffer Interview::Dr. Oz & Dr. Soffer Interview
Dr. Oz & Dr. Soffer Interview
Varicose Veins App::Varicose Veins App
Varicose Veins App
App for Skin Problems::App for Skin Problems
App for Skin Problems
Stroke Awareness::Stroke Awareness
Stroke Awareness
CBS : October 25, 2011::CBS : October 25, 2011
CBS : October 25, 2011
Soffer Vein Commercial: April, 2012::Soffer Vein Commercial: April, 2012
Soffer Vein Commercial: April, 2012
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Dr Soffer on Ch 10 News
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Dr. Soffer Second Opinion
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Dr. Soffer Second Opinion on ABC 10
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Chronic Venous Insufficiency Treatment