A Medicare Advantage Plan Provider

Soffer Senior Care provides you with benefits under your Medicare Advantage Plan. With the highest quality medical services and nutritional plans suited specifically to your needs, your senior years can be the most active and fulfilling times of your life. You have access to the best in care, from lab work to diagnostics, through prescriptions and advanced treatments. We have all the tools you need to stay healthy, stay active, and stay happy.

The Soffer Advantage,

Wherever you go

When you travel, your information travels with you. Online access to your medical records allows you the peace of mind to travel freely. The expertise of your primary care physician is never out of reach. Your health care advocate works to handle the coordination of any unanticipated or emergency care needs no matter where you are, at any time, day or night.

Whether you need to be transported for a high level of care, or you need a visit from a physician, Soffer Health Institute is there for you. We understand that health care concerns can arise at any time and in any place, and we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your Medical Home

Extensive medical services are all in one place. Soffer patients
enjoy the convenience of a medical facility, which provides many
major services in one convenient location. Now, when your doctor sends you
for further testing, you unlikely to have to ask for the address.

Luxurious and convenient
waiting rooms with complimentary
coffee and condiments.

Visits to the doctor should not be prefaced by loud, uncomfortable, tiresome
wait time. Medicare and 65+ patients are greeted immediately and we make
sure that upon arrival, all patients find a calm, relaxed atmosphere.