Pembroke Pines, FL Healthcare Services

At Soffer Health Institute you’ll find personalized healthcare delivered close to home – right here in Pembroke Pines. That means you won’t have to drive out of town if you need a cardiologist, medically supervised weight loss programs, primary care, or even varicose and spider vein treatment. You’ll also find allergy care plus some of the best senior healthcare physicians in the region here at Soffer Health Institute. Let’s take a look at a few of the services you can access at our Pembroke location, including vein treatments and senior care.

Sclerotherapy: Don’t Let Varicose & Spider Veins Keep You From the Nightlife in Pembroke Pines!

Pembroke Pines, FL offers a variety of nightlife activities; from craft beer bars to fun nightclubs. It’s great to gather friends and spend a night on the town. Do you find yourself increasingly saying no to invitations because your spider veins or varicose veins are looking more prominent lately? You may have been meaning to look into possible solutions, but weren’t sure if treatments would be painful. Or maybe you thought your vein problems were too advanced for anything to work. Actually there is a very effective vein removal treatment that can help you regain your beautiful looking legs! It’s called sclerotherapy and it’s available right here in Pembroke Pines from Soffer Health Institute. Let’s explore how it works.

Sclerotherapy: Relatively Painless, Little to No Downtime

One of the advantages of our vein treatments is that we offer them right here in our Pembroke Pines doctor’s office – no hospital stay necessary. Long recovery times aren’t needed; mainly you’ll steer clear of rigorous exercise for just a few days, but you can resume your daily activities right away. The treatments are usually no more painful than an insect bite as the doctor uses a super fine needle to inject a solution to treat the varicose or spider veins. Once the treatment is complete, you’ll wear compression stockings for a few days and do some walking to promote your body’s healing powers. Some people need multiple treatments to complete the vein removal process. It may take a few months to get the complete results you want. Our doctors can consult with you to map out an individualized treatment plan.

Individualized Senior Healthcare

Our physicians care about you individually; they take the time to get to know you and your personal health needs. These may range from nutritional needs to other day-to-day requirements. Plus you’ll love the convenience we offer. Have you ever been referred for additional testing and needed to go elsewhere in town, or even out of town for tests? That isn’t usually the case here at Soffer Health. We offer many major healthcare services right here at our facility.

Peace of mind is another benefit you’ll receive here at Soffer Health. We can help with the coordination of unplanned or emergency services. You can count on Soffer Health to be there for you 24/7, whenever your healthcare needs arise. 

Your Hometown Healthcare Center in Pembroke Pines

It’s good to know that Soffer Health Institute delivers personalized, professional and convenient care right here in Pembroke Pines. From cardiology to primary care and so much more, patients in every age group can enjoy spending more time with their Soffer Health doctors than they may receive elsewhere. Talk to us about your healthcare needs and set up an appointment at our Pembroke Pines location. Please call 954-434-1010.