North Miami Beach, FL Healthcare Services

It can be inconvenient to visit several doctors’ offices in North Miami Beach to receive cardiology care, medically supervised weight loss, allergy care, or varicose vein treatments. At Soffer Health you can receive all of your healthcare right here from doctors and specialists who have less of a patient load, so you’ll get the personalized care you need. At Soffer Health we offer care for you and your entire family that’s easy to access, right in North Miami Beach. Let’s review some of the services offered at our North Miami Beach location, including treatment for varicose and spider veins.

Sclerotherapy: Banish Varicose & Spider Veins!

Visitors and locals alike enjoy a night on the town in North Miami Beach. Some of the area’s best restaurants are located here. One can find Peruvian, Chinese, Greek, elegant seafood restaurants, and many more. Dressing up to go to dinner is as much fun as dining itself, unless you are feeling self-conscious about your varicose veins or spider veins.

What if there was a minimally invasive way to treat vein problems so you could get back to sampling all the international cuisine North Miami Beach offers? Thankfully, there is at Soffer Health Institute. Our practice in North Miami Beach provides a safe and convenient way to treat vein issues, right in the doctor’s office; often within an hour or so. You won’t have to rearrange your day or cancel plans.

Little Pain, High Gain from Sclerotherapy

The sclerotherapy doctor treats problem veins by injecting a solution with a super fine needle. After treatment for a few days you’ll wear compression stockings and do some walking to promote healing. Soon the trouble veins will fade from sight! Once they’re gone, your legs will look like you want them to – ready for a night out with friends and family. You’ll be able to resume all your regular activities nearly immediately, but rigorous exercise should be postponed for a few days after your treatment. In addition to vein treatments, Soffer Health offers a full suite of additional healthcare services that can help you lead a happy, energetic life, bursting with good health. Every year thousands of people resolve to lose weight, then unfortunately give up. One of the reasons they don’t succeed is that they would do better with a personalized weight loss program, like that offered at Soffer Health.

One-on-One Support = Success! Try Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

Are you looking for a weight loss program that works? Maybe you’ve tried everything else but you just keep gaining the weight back. Soffer Health offers personalized weight loss programs featuring one-on-one support and all the info you need to start a healthy diet. We’ll help you set and achieve your weight loss goals, and you can look forward to typically losing 2-10 lbs. in a week and 10-15 lbs. every month! Our customized weight loss programs fit your lifestyle and give you a safe way to lose weight! Sign up for a free seminar and learn more about our affordable and effective weight loss programs!

Hometown Healthcare in North Miami Beach

Soffer Health offers sclerotherapy, medically supervised weight loss, allergy care, senior health care, cardiology, and primary care; all close to home. With our Soffer Health Concierge Program you’ll find that our doctors have less of a patient load, so you’ll benefit through more quality time spent with your physician. Call us today at 305-651-6891 to discover the personalized healthcare difference at Soffer Health Institute in North Miami Beach.