Hialeah/Miami Lakes, FL Physicians & Healthcare Services

One of the best reasons to visit Soffer Health Institute is the convenient healthcare services you’ll find close to home, right here in Hialeah/Miami Lakes, FL. Another great benefit you’ll enjoy at Soffer Health is the array of services we offer; from sclerotherapy treatments to cardiology to medically supervised weight loss, to pro-active primary care, and much more! You and your entire family will discover the caring physicians at Soffer Health and the personalized treatment programs that fit your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the services offered at our Hialeah/Miami Lakes location, including vein treatments.

Sclerotherapy Treatments: Don’t Get Left Out of All the Fun in Hialeah/Miami Lakes!

In the Hialeah/Miami Lakes, FL area lots of residents and visitors flock to Amelia Earhart Park. With its many biking trails and five-acre Bark Park that’s fully fenced for dogs, this 515 acre park is a big draw for people who love to spend time outdoors. It also offers five lakes where people enjoy wakeboarding and paddleboarding. With disc golf, mountain biking, soccer and lots of other fun activities available, this park is always a hub of activity.

Maybe you’ve been invited to a fun day at Amelia Earhart Park but you declined because you didn’t want anyone to see your varicose veins or spider veins. Perhaps they’ve become more noticeable lately and you’re not sure what to do. Thankfully Soffer Health Institute offers a convenient Hialeah/Miami Lakes, FL location where you can receive treatment for your vein issues. Let’s review what to expect when you receive our sclerotherapy treatments.

Sclerotherapy is Performed in the Doctor’s Office

No need to stay in the hospital for sclerotherapy. Our vein removal treatments are conveniently performed in our Hialeah/Miami Lakes doctor’s office. You won’t need a long recovery time after each treatment. The pain is much like an insect bite when the doctor injects a solution into the varicose or spider veins. A super fine needle is used for the procedure. Over the next few days you’ll wear compression stockings and do some walking to help facilitate your body’s natural healing process. In no time your spider veins and varicose veins will begin fading from sight!

Personalized Primary Care That Helps You Prevent Disease

In addition to sclerotherapy treatments, Soffer Health provides personalized primary care for patients of all ages. Your Soffer Health primary care physician is dedicated to your total wellness – mind and body. Your doctor offers preventive medicine in addition to treatment. The goal is to keep you healthy, and with the suite of services (wellness visits, PAP smears, physical exams, memory testing, labs, flu shots and more) you’ll receive, great health is attainable for you and your family.

The reason many Hialeah/Miami Lakes residents like visiting Soffer Health for primary care is our physicians’ pro-active approach. They really care about your health and can work with you on weight loss programs, smoking cessation, and many more personalized healthcare goals. At Soffer Health your doctor spends more time with you, so you build a relationship that keeps you healthy – what a great feeling!

Hialeah/Miami Lakes Healthcare That’s Focused on You

Soffer Health’s approach to patient care is simple: focus on the individual’s needs and spend the time to really get to know each patient. Personalized attention from your doctor makes all the difference when losing weight, receiving cardiology care, getting allergy treatments, vein treatments, and senior healthcare. At so many other health centers doctors are too busy to spend quality time with patients. At Soffer Health you’ll be delighted with the care quality plus the state-of-the-art medical treatments we offer. Please call us today at 305-273-5511 and schedule your appointment.