medically supervised weight loss

The Soffer Weight Loss Program offers you a wide range of weight loss programs tailored to fit any lifestyle. We will work with you every step of the way, providing one-on-one support, education and counseling to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Medical Testing
Proper medical testing and evaluation is an essential part of health and safe dieting. Our staff will monitor both your weight loss results and your overall health.
Eating Healthy
Proper nutrition is at the heart of any effective diet program. Soffer Weight Loss will help you easily control your caloric intake with customized meal plans or through delicious meal replacement cookies.
Weight Loss Medication
If you are a candidate, the physicians in our weight loss program can provide a number weight loss medications including FDA approved appetite suppressants to assist in your individualized weight loss program.
Weight Loss Supplements
Our staff will help you determine which diet supplements are right for you.
Everybody has unique and different challenges with weight loss. Our medically supervised staff will provide you with personalized support and direction from day one.
Soffer Weight Loss is staffed by knowledgeable, caring individuals who will guide and support you through every phase of your weight loss.
Soffer Weight Loss Programs Are Affordable
Our individualized treatment options are customized to the individual’s need to achieve long term weight loss and lifestyle changes.
Weight Loss Seminars
Sign up for a free seminar to learn what is keeping you from your goal weight and what you can do to start taking control of your life.
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