Deerfield Beach, FL Healthcare Center

One of the top benefits of receiving healthcare at Soffer Health Institute in Deerfield Beach is the fact that you can easily access our services. We offer medically supervised weight loss programs, vein treatments, primary care, allergy care, senior care and cardiology all under one roof. This convenience will help you concentrate on receiving treatment and preventative care versus driving around looking for your care providers. They’re all here! Let’s take a look at a few of the services we offer in Deerfield Beach, including sclerotherapy and cardiology.

Sclerotherapy: Don’t Miss Those Sunset Strolls on Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier!

When walking along Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier you should be thinking about the great time you’re having, not worrying about if anyone is staring at your spider or varicose veins. Sadly lots of people skip fun activities because they don’t want to be seen in shorts, skirts or dresses due to problem veins. In Deerfield Beach, FL there are so many great activities; it would be a shame to miss out due to being self-conscious about veins. Not to worry – Soffer Health Institute can evaluate your varicose and spider veins and provide options just for you!

Sclerotherapy: Easy Treatments Deliver Amazing Results

You’ll be glad to know that the vein treatments we offer are performed right in our doctor’s office – no need for a hospital stay. You won’t lose time with a lengthy recovery. If you partake in rigorous exercise, you will have to postpone that for a few days; but your daily activities can be resumed nearly immediately. The procedure itself is relatively simple: About as painful as an insect bite, sclerotherapy involves the doctor using a super fine needle to inject a solution that treats your varicose and spider veins. Over the ensuing days and weeks, your body’s healing powers will help make the veins disappear. A common question is: How long will it take to make my varicose or spider veins disappear? We’ll consult with you about that. Everyone is different. You may require several treatments for complete results. Typically it may take a few months for the results you want to occur. And when they do – watch out, as you will be thrilled, and ready to resume all the fun activities you enjoy in Deerfield Beach!

Cardiology Services

Soffer Heart Institute makes you feel at home. Our approach uses Least Invasive Techniques (LIT) along with state-of-the-art research and technology to deliver the best heart care available. At Soffer Heart patients receive not only more attention from their doctor than they may receive elsewhere, but our cardiologist is Board Certified and academically affiliated. The level of care that he provides is unparalleled in Deerfield Beach and throughout the region.

Our philosophy is to offer old-fashioned attention to all patients while serving them with the most advanced cardiology care. It’s our pledge to you – optimal medical care featuring a tailored treatment plan that best suits your individual needs.

Convenient & Comprehensive Healthcare in Deerfield Beach

Whether you come to us for vein treatment, weight loss programs, senior healthcare, allergy care, primary care or cardiology, Soffer Health’s physicians offer a unique benefit: they spend more time with you. You’ll get to know your doctors and they in turn will be better able to serve you with customized healthcare treatments and services. Explore the possibilities for feeling great at every age at Soffer Health Institute in Deerfield Beach. Please call 305-792-0555 today for an appointment.