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In the vast and ever changing world of healthcare, Soffer Health has revolutionized concierge medicine to give you the most cutting edge treatment available. All while remaining reliable to patients. With the high demand and greater patient volume, healthcare isn’t what it used to be. Did you know that a typical doctor’s day includes exams of 30 to 50 patients? This means that a physician may only have anbout 15 minutes to spend with every patient. When a physician is unable to spend quality time with patients, the care suffers.

Soffer Health Concierge physicians have less of a patient load, freeing them up to provide a higher level of personalized care . By changing the amount of patients the physician has, he or she can spend much more time with the patients to address all health concerns in a comfortable and professional manner. When patients feel that their concerns are addressed properly, they’re more satisfied with their care. With the Soffer Health Concierge program, it is the individual that matters not the number of patients that can be seen in a day.

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Experience Better medicine through Technology with our concierge mobile app The doctor is always in your pocket The Soffer Concierge mobile applicatoin is the next generation in digitial health. With this technology you are able to have your doctor with you at all times. The application uses secure, encrypted technology that allows the Soffer Health staff to communicate with patients through a secure and HIPPA compliant portal. Use the secure messaging feature to communicate directly with staff. You can also send photos directly to the doctor for diagnosis, assesment or post procedureal care instructions. The Soffer Health Concierge App keps you connected to your care team, wherever you may be.

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Just What Is Concierge Medicine?

You’re investing in much more than a doctor when you invest in concierge healthcare. When you have a membership with Soffer you gain a healthcare advocate devoted entirely to your assistance, as well as a personal physician that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t have to worry about any medical surprises, they can be handled easily by your personal physician. You can take this opportunity to focus on your health, not the uncertainty of the future of your healthcare.


Some of the perks of maintaining a Concierge Membership with us include:

  • Digital doctor access at all hours
  • No wait urgent care
  • Your appointments hold priority
  • Your own, personal healthcare advocate
  • Follow up visits when needed
  • Referrals are always a priority

Benefits OF Membership


Exclusive access to care with mobile phone and email. 24/7 physician access and communication that is right at your fingertips. No waiting as in traditional settings.


As a Concierge patient, you will have an exclusive waiting room and deluxe amenities. Comfort is important and you’ll be able to have a peaceful, expedited wait. A priority appointment can be made so that you will not be forced to spend a long waiting period to see your physician.


Your care team will develop a personal health management plan, designed specifically for your long-term health needs.


You can rest easy knowing that you will have healthcare exactly when you need it. Not only do you have access to your doctor when you need, he or she can come to your home to take an evaluation. If he or she decides you need emergency care in an emergency room, they can meet you there to expedite the care.

Healthcare Advocate

Members have a personal Healthcare Advocate. Your advocate is always available to assist you. This is essential for booking appointment, arranging procedures, and helping you navigate all of the complexities involved in your health. Your Healthcare Advocate can also take care of those tedious details – so you don’t have to.

No hassle. No stress.

We know you’re busy – that’s why we’ve built a practice designed around you.

  • Schedule same- or next-day appointments via phone, app or online
  • near your home and office
  • Our dedicated support team is committed to helping you navigate all aspects of the health care system
  • In-network with most plans

Why waste your time in the waiting room? Same day appointments with no waiting.

One Medical fits your lifestyle: doctor visits when you need them and virtual care when you don’t. We promise to give you a better MEDICAL experience.

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