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About The Doctors

About the Doctors
Dr. Ariel Soffer is a cardiologist and vein doctor in Miami FL. Watch his interview with Dr Oz.,,


Dr. Ariel Soffer Dr. Ariel Soffer, M.D.,FACC is Board Certified in cardiovascular disease and has devoted his entire career to circulation related problems, with years of experience in treating a wide spectrum of venous disorders. As a cardiologist, Dr. Soffer has a profound understanding of the relationship between veins and the body's overall circulation, and he utilizes his unique knowledge, perspective, and experience to provide the best overall medical treatment for his patients. He is involved in cutting edge research programs in vein treatment currently taking place at Soffer Vein, and he runs a venous disease training program for physicians around the world. Soffer Vein features the minimally invasive Soffer LIT "Least Invasive Treatment" Methods of vein treatment that provide immediate and long term results.

The Soffer LIT Methods philosophy is focused on not using scalpels, but achieving optimal results employing the least invasive and latest methods available. That is why patients have come from all over the world for their vein treatments.

Soffer Vein is dedicated to making you feel at home throughout your medical evaluation and treatment procedures. We will thoroughly evaluate your condition with the latest research and techniques available, answer any and all questions that you may have, and present you with a carefully considered customized treatment plan that best suits your individual needs.

"We are honored when Dr. Ronald Bush chose Soffer Vein for his South Florida practice site.  Dr. Bush, a board certified cardiovascular surgeon, is considered by many to be one of the Founders of the practice of Phlebology or 'Microphlebology' as he has recently coined the new term.  He has taught thousands of physicians from all over the world how to treat vein disorders properly.  Dr. Soffer and Dr. Bush jointly formed the Vein Experts Training Academy www.vetavein.com that is considered a center of excellence in academic and practical phlebology.”


Dr. Ronald Bush 

Dr. Ronald Bush, M.D.,FACS is one of the nation’s leading specialists in venous diseases. He is board certified in vascular surgery and was certified in cardio/thoracic surgery. His knowledge and skill as a surgeon qualify him as a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. He has published numerous peer reviewed journal articles and is an innovator of many techniques utilized in the treatment of venous disease. Many of the new procedures now performed in the ambulatory treatment of varicose veins have originated in part from his clinical studies. Dr. Bush co-founded and is the Medical Director for Vein Experts, a national group of professionals specializing in the care and treatment of venous disease.   

Dr. Bush trained at Indiana University School of Medicine and Walter Reed Army Medical Center in cardio thoracic surgery. For the past 20 years, Dr. Bush has devoted his practice solely to the treatment of venous disease. Physicians throughout the world have visited and have been trained by Dr. Bush.

Dr. Rick Fraga 

Dr. Rick Fraga, M.D.,FACS is a double boarded cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon with board certifications in both general surgery and cardiovascular thoracic surgery. He has performed a fellowship in vascular surgery and has dedicated his life to cardiovascular and thoracic diseases

He uses the latest methods and techniques of micro-surgical treatment for varicose veins and venous diseases.  Dr. Fraga’s 31 years of experience along with his interest in cardiovascular and venous disease gives him a superior perspective of how to deal with these problems.  He is part of a group of excellent physicians in the evaluation and treatment of venous disease at the Soffer Health Institute.


Dr. Luke Maj 

Dr. Luke Maj, M.D.,FACS is an extensively trained physician who attended medical school at Northeast Ohio Medical University and completed his residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Furthermore, Dr. Maj undertook additional fellowship training in Neuroradiology & Musculoskeletal Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Maj is Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. He has a comprehensive background in minimally invasive interventional procedures including nationally presented work in Radio Frequency Tumor Ablation Assisted by Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound as well as dedicated research in Limb salvage via Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis.

Currently, Dr. Maj’s interests focus on educating patients and fellow physicians in innovative treatment options for post thrombotic syndrome in patients with chronic venous insufficiency following a diagnosis of a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in the legs). He welcomes such patients for a one-on-one consultation to learn and discuss interventions and treatment options that may not have been previously offered with their post thrombotic syndrome. Furthermore, Dr. Maj has significant experience and compassion for patients dealing with life-long effects of lymphedema (primary and secondary), and specifically vasogenic origin of lymphedema from venous disease.

With his profound knowledge, vast experience and personal interest in all of the latest vein technologies, Dr. Maj’s focus is geared toward the advancements in the treatment of vein disease and endorses a comprehensive vascular evaluation. Hence, he can provide his patients with the most up-to-date and beneficial interventions and conservative treatment options for best possible cosmetic and physiologic results with little or no pain and quick recovery time.

Dr. Maj is highly passionate about helping each and every patient to enhance their vein health.


Dr Susan B Fox 

Dr. Susan B Fox, M.D., D. O., RPVI, FSVM is an expert in vein and vascular diagnosis and treatment. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Vascular Medicine and Phlebology (the treatment of veins). She was one of the first physicians in the United States to be Board Certified in the treatment of veins. As well, she is a Registered Physician Vascular Interpreter (RPVI) and is certified to read vascular ultrasound studies. After completing her MedicalResidency and Vascular Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, she joined the teaching faculty at University Hospitals of Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University. There,she was the first physician in Cleveland and one of the first nationally to perform endovenous laser ablation. At University Hospitals of Cleveland, she started their first vein treatment and vascular medicine center. She has been on the cutting edge of vein treatments for decades. She was one of the first 20 physicians in the United States to perform the ClariVein® procedure and the first in Broward County, Florida. Dr Fox is a Diplomate of the American College of Phlebology and a Fellow of the Society of Vascular Medicine. In 2005, she was certified in Hyperbaric Medicine and worked at the Memorial Hospital Wound Care Center for years. Prior to joining Soffer Vein experts, Dr Fox has been a Partner with Cardiovascular Consultants of South Florida for the past ten years. There, she served as the Director of the Vascular Lab and the Director of the Vein and Vascular Diagnostic and Treatment Center. She has been featured as a vein expert onmultiple news programs in both America and Latin America and has written numerous articles and lectured extensively on varicose veins. She has developed her own techniques for injecting veins and her office is recognized as an expert training facility by multiple corporations. She has decades of experience in treating veins, and thousands of happy patients. Sheoffers the newest and best minimally invasive vein procedures including; Endovenous laser ablation, ClariVein®, Ambulatory phlebectomies, ultrasound guided injections, foam and traditional sclerotherapy. She has successfully taught physicians and medical personnel in the treatment of venous disease for over a decade at her vein treatment facility. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

About the Nurses

Maryanne Martinez - PA-C

Maryanne Martinez, PA-C is a Board Certified physician assistant. She graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 1998. She then continued to graduate as a Physician Assistant in 2002 from Miami Dade College. She is nationally certified by the NCCPA since 2002 and has clinical experience in Women’s Health and Internal Medicine. Maryanne has dedicated herself to improve her patient’s health. She has worked on multiple clinical research studies, including studies on Depression, Diabetes and Chronic Pain, amongst other disease states. Her attention to detail offers her patients at Soffer Health Institute with excellent care in general medicine and cardiology, as well as vein disease and sclerotherapy.

Peggy Bush - APN, CNS, MSN 

Peggy has over 28 years of professional experience, including but not limited to critical care nursing, general surgery, ER, clinic and home care management having served in coordinator roles. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois and her Master’s Degree in Nursing, from Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing, Peoria, Illinois.    Board-certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, she has devoted the last four years to the study and treatment of venous disease. In the clinic setting, she has worked alongside nationally renowned venous specialist Ronald Bush, MD, FACS and has developed an educational website for physicians, nurses, and RVT’s called Bush Venous Lectures and has co-founded Vein Experts, a physician group, which serves to educate patients, physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals. She has co-authored papers on the care and treatment of venous pathology and is a recognized speaker at national conferences.  

Nicolette Tabacco - RDCS 

Nicolette Tabacco has been working with Dr Soffer as an experienced Registered Diagnostic Sonagrapher for 14 years and she assists Dr. Soffer during ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and endovenous treatments.

Alina Primelles - RDCS

Alina, our sunshine, is an experienced Registered Diagnostic Sonagrapher, and she is right by Dr. Soffer’s side during the ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy and endovenouslaser treatments. Our patients adore her positive outlook and energy.