General Practice

Primary Care

Soffer Health is proud to present our Primary Care Division.

"Studies of the quality of preventive health care find these results – primary care physicians perform best. An analysis of elderly patients found that patients seeing generalists, as compared to patients seeing specialists, were more likely to receive influenza vaccination. In health promotion counseling, studies of self-reported behavior found that generalists were more likely than specialists to counsel patients and to screen for breast cancer. Furthermore, a study of patients with acute low back pain found the primary care physicians provided equivalent quality of care, but at lower costs than most specialists."

At the Soffer Health-Primary Care Division our physicians and physician extenders have undergone rigorous training and credentialing so as to assure our patients that they will get the highest quality, compassionate care that Soffer Health is recognized for. Our physicians have access to some of the latest diagnostic equipment (often in-house) as well as specialists that are always willing to help diagnose and treat our patients. We have developed a Medical Home environment so that our patients can feel like they are with family whenever they are in one of our many locations.

Soffer Health Primary Care: Patient Testimonials